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About Us


We are two sisters, Lauren Geib and Christine Caroluzzi, with a passion for hair and makeup fueled by helping women feel good about themselves.  We feel beauty is within, but a little extra confidence never hurt!


Lauren started wearing lipstick in the second grade and hasn't stopped since.  She later developed a passion for helping women achieve their perfect big day look. While completing her business degree, she always felt that makeup and fashion better suited her. She wanted to express her creative side by making women feel good about themselves and also teach them new beauty tricks along the way. In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, husband, and puppy, Stella.


Christine began developing her interest in perfecting up-dos in high school.  She took a short hiatus to pursue an undergraduate and graduate business degree. Her creative side was itching to come to light again, so she knew the hair and makeup artistry was her calling. Achieving the picture perfect look for women of all ages and styles is what continues to motivate her.  Christine enjoys spending time with her husband, family, friends, two beautiful daughters and dog babies.



 "Well behaved women rarely make history."